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You see Daniel Radcliffe down your local street...

A little informative and expressful poll.
You see Daniel Radcliffe walking down your local street...what do you do?
Run up to him screamg DANNY! And get his autograph.
Casually walk up to him and ask him for autograph.
Shake his hand and congratulate him on his acting.
Shake his hand.
Ignore him.
Throw a stone at him and run away.
Punch him in the nose. I hate that kid!
Grab him, beat him up and get your homies to finish him.
Beat him up, run him over jump up and down on him and urinate on him, tie him to a rope and drag him around the neighborhood from the back of your SUV.
This poll was created on 2005-02-02 21:18:43 by ECX