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How Do You View Arabs and Muslims in America?

What is the current status of Muslims and Arabs in America?
Have your views about Arabs and Muslims in changed since September 11th?
No, I feel the same
Yes, September 11th has changed my view of Arabs and Muslims
If your views have changed, how did they change? Please feel free to select more than one answer
I am more aware of the presence of Arabs and Muslims in America.
I am more aware of the Middle East and Islam than before the attacks.
I think Arabs and Muslims are possible terrorists.
I think Islam supports violence.
Were you very aware of Arab culture and Islam before September 11th?
Yes, I was very aware.
Yes, I was somewhat aware.
Yes, I had heard of the religion and culture before.
No, I did not know anything about the religion or culture before September 11th.
Do you believe the American media has reported all sides of the war on terrorism since September 11th?
Yes, I think the media has done a good job covering all perspectives on the was on terrorism.
No, I think the media has not shown all sides of the issue.
No, I think the media has shown only one side of the story and is biased.
Do you believe the loss of civil rights is justified as a tool to prevent terrorism?
Yes, America must do everything it can to prevent further acts of terror.
Yes, I believe the sacrifice of some civil rights is justified to preserve the safety of America.
No, taking away civil rights is wrong.
How do you feel about Arabs and Muslims in America today? Please check as many as apply.
Arabs and Muslims are the same as everyone else.
Arabs and Muslims pose a threat to national security.
Arabs and Muslims are just another cultural group.
Arabs and Muslims should be monitored more closely than other groups.
Arabs and Muslims do not belong in America.
Should the US have different immigration laws for Arabs and Muslims than other people?
Yes, it is a matter of national security.
No, it is unfair to have different laws.
Is racial profiling Arabs and Muslims acceptable?
Do you believe Arabs and Muslims experience prejudice and discrimination in America today?
If so, do you believe the discrimination and prejudice to be a large problem in American society?
Thank you so much for your time and paitience so far, only a few more questions... Are you concerned with the relationship between Arabs and Muslims and the rest of American society?
Yes, it is a pressing issue deserving of more attention.
Yes, it is a problem, but no different than any other minority group.
Yes, but I will not lose sleep over it.
Do you believe it is legal and right for America to hold suspected terrorists in non-US territory without being charged, with infinite time limits, and without access to legal representation?
Thank you for helping me by completeing this poll. Please tell me about yourself. Feel free to check as many as apply.
Under 18
over 65
Other Religion
Politically moderate
Politically liberal
Politically conservative
This poll was created on 2004-07-25 16:56:30 by helpashraf