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Choice of school uniform

These are some school uniforms I have seen (in Canada, US and UK). Which would you prefer?
Which uniform would you prefer, as a male student in say 8th to 10th grade? All shirts are oxford button downs.
Light blue shirt, navy blue twills, navy blue tie
White shirt, khaki pants
White shirt, black dress pants
White shirt, red tie, black twills
Light blue shirt, yellow tie, Navy blue pants
White shirt, purple tie, black dress pants
White shirt, green tie, black twills
Classic black tie with pants and white shirt
If you could include a navy or grey cardigan sweater or a sport coat, and either could be taken off in class at a teacher's discretion, what would you choose?
Sport Coat
This poll was created on 2004-09-16 06:12:00 by BrentK