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Catholics: Tradition or assumptions

Polling on some of the most common perceptions and misperceptions about the Church today
Religious Affiliation
Catholic (Roman)
Catholic (Eastern)
Non-Christian but Spiritual/Religious
The Catholic Church never changes.
All Catholics (meaning people in communion with the pope) are Roman Catholics.
According to canon law, who is allowed to preach the homily at mass?
All Baptised faithful
Only lay ecclesial ministers & clergy
Only ordained priests & deacons
Only the pastor
The phrase "The Church is not a democracy" has been popular since
Its always been done that way
since about 400 AD
since about 1000 AD
since about 1400 AD
since about 1800 AD
since about 1965 AD
The current method of selecting bishops is by appointment by the pope. How long has this been the practice?
Its always been done that way
since about 400 AD
since about 1000 AD
since about 1400 AD
since about 1800 AD
since about 1965 AD
According to the Genral Instruction of the Roman Missal, the correct posture when praying the Lord's Prayer during mass is...
The Orans (hands raised)
Holding Hands
Hands Folded
None of the Above
Which media or publication best represents orthodox, mainstream Catholicism?
Crisis Magazine
National Catholic Reporter
America Magazine
Commonweal Magazine
Which of the following are Dogma (Central Truths of the Faith revealed by God through Scritpure and Tradition)?
God is Trinity
Jesus is God
Jesus was celibate
Mary is the Mother of God
Mary was always a Virgin
Priests should be celibate
Women cannot be priests
The church is not a democracy
The church never changes
Non-Catholics cannot be saved
Our bodies will be resurrected
Ecumenism: The quest for Christian Unity
The Real Presence of the Eucharist
Catholics alone have the Real Presence
The Resurrection of Jesus
Before Vatican II, the Mass had not changed ever.
When mass was first said in Latin (about 400AD) this was because...
Latin was the vernacular language that everyone understood
Latin was the formal official language that nobody really understood
Latin was the language of the educated classes
For Catholics: Overall, I describe myself as...
Moderately Conservative
Moderately Liberal
Catholics for Choice
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