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Are you evil?

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This is my first poll and it may not be very good but i dont care. I belive that everyone is born innocent and that they can turn evil by exposure to their surroundings so HOW EVIL ARE U?

Lets start with easy questions If you see a ten pound/dollar note fall out of someones bag what do you do?

45% (17) Pick it up and look inconspicuous
5% (2) Do nothing
32% (12) Shout after them, then run over and give it back
5% (2) Run over and give it back then ask for a reward
10% (4) Pick it up and knock the person out and raid their bag for more money

37 voters have answered this question.

A door to door sales man comes to your door while you are watching your favourite program/looking at porn/torturing small animals, what do you do?

42% (15) Do nothing, ignore them
2% (1) Try to make it look like no one home, then moon out the window when they leave
2% (1) chuck something at them
34% (12) stop what ever you are doing to answer the door then slam it in their face
2% (1) buy everything they have
14% (5) kill them with their merchandice and leave him be

35 voters have answered this question.

A bank robbery is taking place while you walk past the bank in question what do you do?

13% (5) Run away
0% (0) wet yourself
5% (2) try and attempt a heroic rescue
0% (0) try and attempt a heroic rescue and get shot
54% (20) phone the police
10% (4) join in the fun
8% (3) point out they are doing it wrong and advise them on their mistake
8% (3) run around screaming like a monkey

37 voters have answered this question.

You are getting seriously annoyed by a person at school/work/your secret headquarters what do you do?

18% (7) punch them at every opportunity
32% (12) ignore them
8% (3) arrange to have them assasinated
10% (4) kill them yourself
8% (3) spread rumors about them
16% (6) score with their boyfriend/girlfriend
5% (2) just accept it

37 voters have answered this question.

The boy/girl you fancy says he/she likes you too YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! but he/she doesn't like your evil ways what do you do?

2% (1) Kill him/her
11% (4) sob uncontroably until he/she takes pity on you
40% (14) give up evilness for good
34% (12) pretend to change but plot world domination in your spare time
8% (3) tell him/her that you cannot give up evilness and we will just have to live apart
2% (1) stare at them with drool hanging from your mouth until they go

35 voters have answered this question.

You have come into possesion of 500 quid/bucks how do you spend it? (you can choose more than one)

21% (8) Spend it all on computer games. video violence is your life
21% (8) start saving towards a giant agent killing laser
21% (8) start your own evil business
18% (7) put it in charity
29% (11) spend it on clothes
27% (10) hire some goons for protection
13% (5) bribe people
21% (8) buy a gun and go on a killing rampage
29% (11) to hell with you im not telling!!!(it secret)
27% (10) spend it on porn
24% (9) spend it on food
5% (2) uhhhhh me confused duhhhh (slams forehead against screen)

37 voters have answered this question.

Do you think you are evil?

18% (7) Yes
32% (12) No
0% (0) Perish the thought!
10% (4) im more evil than you can imagine!
0% (0) im a saint
10% (4) im a satan woshiper
27% (10) i dunno. are YOU!?

37 voters have answered this question.

Should i make more polls?

27% (9) Definitly. you are a genius
6% (2) ummmmm ok i liked this one
9% (3) maybe
6% (2) How the hell should i know
12% (4) nah
3% (1) deffinitly not

33 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2004-11-02 22:18:50 by Thornz
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