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Agnostic/Athiests information

Was this a decision?
How did you become an Athiest/Agnostic?
I was raised this way.
I decided when I was young.(If there is no Santa, and no Easter Bunny...)
I decided after a bad event (death of a family member/friend)
I decided after learning more about faith beliefs
I had/have questions that no one can reasonably answer.
Do you tell others?
No, I don't discuss my beliefs
Sometimes, if I find out that someone has the same beliefs.
Somtimes when I feel that I can have a discussion without others finding out how I feel
Sometimes when I feel that I won't be judged.
Yes, but mot my family or friends who might be hurt
Yes, I am very secure in my belief
Are you an...
Not sure
How much have you studied religions?
Not at all. I am not interested
Some, I am curious about how others think and believe
Some, I like to be able to talk about how I feel compared to how others feel
Lots, this is why I have become an Athiest/Agnostic
How strongly do you feel about others beliefs?
Very, there should be solid line between church and state.
Flexable, There are some instances where the need to mention others beliefs are important
Relaxed, I don't mind God being in the consitution or in the National Anthem,
It does't matter to me. If no one is preaching to me, then let them do as they will.
Do you belong to any Athiest or Agnostic groups or programs?
Yes, at least one.
No, I don't have an interest in hearing others bad mouth people of different beliefs
No, I didn't know they exists.
Do you belong to any religious organizations?
Yes, I may not agree with their religious beliefs, but I am involved because I like being involved with others.
Yes, I may not agree with their religious beliefs, but I do agree with their cause.
No, but only because I haven't had any exposure
No, I feel it would be hipocritical to be a part of any group that is backed by a faith.
Are you in the US
Yes, in the South East
Yes, in the North East
Yes, in the Mid-West
Yes, in the Mid-South
Yes in the North West
Yes, in the South West
No, I am in Canada
Yes and no, I am in Mexico
No, I am in South America
No, I am in Europe
No, I am in Australia
No, I am in Africa
No, I am on one of the poles
No, I am in an Asian country
No, I am in the Mid-East
No, I am in a country not mentioned above
This poll was created on 2004-12-02 18:22:01 by jemm