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Do you think Paris Hilton deserves to be a celebrity?

Do you think Miss Hilton desrves to be a celeb?
Do you think Paris deserves to be a celeb?
In some ways Yes, In other ways no
If your answer is No, why not?
cuz she was famous because of a stupid sex tape
She just doesnt deserve it
she is so snobby & arrogant
Why do you like Paris?
Her fun, quirky & witty attitude
her personality
she's HoT!
her beauty
why do you hate paris?
she parties too much
she is so bitchy & snobby
she's arrogant
she dresses like a whore
Who's hotter? Nicky Hilton or Nicole Richie?
Nicky Hilton
Nicole Richie
This poll was created on 2004-11-27 04:58:01 by Sunsets_In_Cali