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Wouldn't this be fun to watch?!?!
Match #1:Shania Twain wrestles Julia Roberts
Shania pins Julia
Julia pins Shania
Match #2:Nicole Kidman wrestles Faith Hill
Nicole pins Faith
Faith pins Nicole
Heather Locklear wrestles Krista Allen
Heather pins Krista
Krista pins Heather
Teri Hatcher wrestles Kelly Ripa
Teri pins Kelly
Kelly pins Teri
Meg Ryan wrestles Elisabeth Rohm
Meg pins Elisabeth
Elisabeth pins Meg
Cameron Diaz wrestles Jennifer Aniston
Cameron pins Jennifer
Jennifer pins Cameron
Sandra Bullock wrestles Debra Messing
Sandra pins Debra
Debra pins Sandra
Angie Harmon wrestles Brooke Shields
Angie pins Brooke
Brooke pins Angie
This poll was created on 2004-12-06 22:36:03 by uniquejay