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Hollywood:Too THIN,Overweight,Phy. Fit?

Tell me what you think?
What do you think most of hollywood is about right now as in looks?
Model THIN (like gisele bundchen)
Physically Fit (like beyonce)
Average or more Curvy (like kate winslet)
Overweight (like Star Jones)
Who looks better?
Giselle Bundchen
Molly Sims
Heidi Klum
Looks better?
Jessica Simpson
Paulina Rubio
Kylie Minogue
looks better?
Kate winslet
Britney spears
christina aguilera
kelly clarkson
hilary duff
loooks better?
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Mariah Carey
who is TOO thin?
Mischa Barton
Renne Zelwegger
Lindsay Lohan
Laura Lynn
Just right in wieght?
Britney Spears
Kelly Clarkson
Lindsay Lohan
Mischa Barton
Ellen Degeneras
Star Jones
This poll was created on 2004-12-16 00:40:16 by Farrell_girl77@hotmail.com