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Ashlee Simpson

What do you think about her?
Does Ashlee Simpson look better with:
Blond hair
Dark hair
Does she have a pretty face?
Yes, she's very attractive.
She's average. Nothing special.
No. Her face is ugly and annoying. EW.
Does she have a nice body?
Are you kidding? She's a whale.
Yes, very curvy and sexy.
Blah... average.
Is her voice actually :
Very bad; she literally cannot sing
Alright, no worse than an average person - still she AIN'T good
Very pretty and/or nice
Do you feel sorry for her now that she's a joke all across North America?
A little, yeah, but she kind of got what was coming to her.
Yes! She doesn't deserve this. She had acid reflux disease, whatever that is...
Do you think her music would be good if someone else sang it?
No, it'd always be crap
Do you think she should retire now from 'show business' and then make a come back in five years when everyone has calmed down about this whole lip synching business?
Yeah, that's a good idea.
No, she should RETIRE for good.
No... she should just keep singing now.
Do you think Jessica Simpson is talented?
Yes, very. And Ashlee is too,
No, not at all.
Slightly... at least, more than Ashlee is.
Yes, she is very talented, and Ashlee is crap.
Do you think Jessica is pretty?
YES! Smokin'.
Not at all. She's an alien-faced maniac.
Sort of ... she has her good days.
Which one of the sisters would you rather sleep with?
Neither, they're both honestly gross.
Do you think that Ashlee genuinely understands and appreciates 'punk' culture, or do you think she is just trying to stand out as someone different than her sister?
She's trying to stand out and be cool. POSER.
She is just being herself.
Honestly, can you even listen to that La La song without wanting to turn it down because the vocals are piercing your ear drums?
I can't listen to it... her voice kills my ears, no kidding! The pain!
I like her voice. I don't care what you say.
It's tolerable, but not good. I don't have to turn it off or anything.
She was on the show 7th Heaven. Should she have stuck with acting?
She should go back to acting, and just acting.
She is better as a singer and should stay singing.
She is good at both! Let her shine!
This poll was created on 2005-01-23 10:12:33 by wackydude