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Morecambe and Wise

Let us know all the things you loved about Morecambe and Wise and their comedy!!
Out of their films they made, which is your favourite?
That Riviera Touch
The Intelligence Men
The Magnificent Two
Night Train to Murder
From their years on different TV stations, which do you think was their finest?
Running Wild (BBC)
The Morecambe and Wise show (ATV)
The Morecambe and Wise show (BBC)
The Morecambe and Wise show (Thames)
What are your favourite Morecambe and Wise songs?
Bring Me Sunshine
Just around the corner
We get along so easily (dont you agree)
That Riviera Touch
Boom Oo Yatta-Ta-Ta
Me and my shadow
What are your favourite Morecambe and Wise sketches?
Andre Previn Sketch - Grieg's Piano Concerto
Anthony and Cleopatra (Glenda Jackson " All men are fools and what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got".
Byron meets Keats (Ernie: 'I do admire the poems you write' - Eric: 'I wrote another one last night' - Ernie: 'What did you call it?' - Eric: 'The heavenly trumpet' - Maid: 'What would you like sir?' - Eric: 'Have you got any crumpet?!'
Des tries to sing. ('Des O'connor has entered the building', 'how do you know?', 'well when the guard dog tries to throw itself off the roof, des o'connor has entered the building!.'
Dressed up as women dancing to shirley basey singing "Hey big spender".
Elton John sketch (Where's the bread? Eric: You've brought sandwiches haven't you?)
Glenda Jackson singing 'Cabaret' in the Victoria and Albert Sketch
'Im wishing'- Ernie dressed as Prince Charming and Eric down the well.
Nell Gwynn Sketch (Christmas Special, with Diana Rigg)
Shirley Bassey singing 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' and finishes up with the boot!!
The Napoleon and Josephine Sketch (Ernie: Have you got the scrolls? Eric: No, I always walk like this!)
The Stripper Sketch (breakfast in the kitchen)
The Tweety and Sylvester sketch. 'I thought I thaw a puddy cat a creeping up on me'
South Pacific - singing 'There is nothing like a dame' with all the news readers!
Dancing with Glenda Jackson to 'There maybe trouble ahead.'
Dancing with Vanessa Redgrave 'She's tall enough to play in goal!'
Which, out of all the famous catch phrases they said, are your favourites??
You can't see the join.
Theres no answer to that!
Shall I fetch the tea, Ern?
What do you think of it so far? RUBBISH!
This boy's a fool!
Just watch it, thats all!
The play what I wrote.
'Have you got the scrolls?' - 'No I always walk like this.'
He won't sell much ice cream going at that speed!
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