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David Desrosiers

Ok this is a David poll got that??? So if you don't know who that is...then screw off!!!
What do you love best about David??
OMG! I love his hott body and looks!!
His tongue drives me wild!!
I love his goofy personality!!!
I like his piercings.
I love his voice! He should replace Pierre!
I don't love David but I like his bass!
Which one of David's hairstyles is the coolest?
His black hawk mohawk!!!!
His small black hawk mohawk...i dunno whats the difference between this one and the other one but....
His blond streaked hair!!
His regular brown spiked hair!(natural hair color)
His black sidesweep (the hair kinda over face 1)!!
His long (shoulder length) black and messy hair!!
This poll was created on 2005-02-10 05:20:50 by gory_azn_chick