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Steve Ballmer, the "dance monkey boy" CEO of Microsoft!!!!!!

I've been dedicated to showing the world the wonder of Steve Ballmer for almost a year now. I'm curious as to how far I've gotten, and how y'all would vote if he were running for some office. Check out joshuarepublic.tripod.com/dancemonkeyboy.mpg before taking the poll.
Before seeing the above link, had you seen the Steve Ballmer dance monkey boy video?
Overall, was your reaction:
Very positive
Somewhat positive
Neutral (so-so)
Somewhat negative
Very negative
Do you think Steve Ballmer is a:
Let's say the 2008 American presidential election were between Steve Ballmer and Snoop Dogg. For whom would you vote?
Steve Ballmer
Snoop Dogg
OK, let's be serious for just a minute if we can. If the election were between Steve Ballmer and Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?
Steve Ballmer
Hillary Clinton
Which do you think would be most likely to happen if Ballmer were elected president?
His dance would be the newest craze in nightclubs
He'd make a complete idiot of himself at the UN
America would be forced to use only Microsoft stuff
Howard Dean would make a workout video with him
And finally, do you herald from (that's "are you from", for those of you in Los Angeles):
A blue state
A red state
I'm not from America (bummer!)
This poll was created on 2005-02-09 22:55:47 by videokansas