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Guys on dating and girls

How often do guys ask girls out, what do guys like most in a girl, are most guys too shy to approuch girls..
how old are you?
younger than 16
over 45
how often do you check girls out?
every day, all day, I spot them from a mile away
I check out all girls who are pretty
I check out all girls who are super fine
I check out girls with nice bodys
Im too shy to stare at girls
I dont really pay much attention to girls
Ill only check her out if I think I have a chance
what do u do when you see an attractive girl? Dont answer if your too shy to even look at a girl!!
I look her up and down very quickly
I star at her breasts
I check out her ass after they walk by
I look her in the eye and then look away
How often do you ask girls out
Only when Im out with friends and feeling good
Whenever I spot a girl who is hot
Like 3 times a month on average
Like twice a week on average
Almost every day, I see alot of girls
Id rather a girl approuch me
I never asked a girl out before
I never ask girls out, I only date friends
How would you approuch a girl.
I look her up and down, and ask how shes doing
I make small talk, so I dont come on to strong
I just politely ask for her number
I just say "whats up"
I'll approuch a girl if she looks easy
I dont approuch girls, I just check them out
She has to be super hot for me to aprouch her
I'll talk to her only if I think I have a chance
where do you approuch girls?
At the mall
At parties
Whenever Im with my friends
anywhere, and everwhere
Anywhere as long as it feels right
what kind of girls are you MAINLY attracted to?
sweet and pretty
friendly and hot
bitchy and hot
reserved, but fine
cute, sweet and adorible
outgoing and hot
ugly and bitchy
smart and funny
funny and stupid
fun and outgoing and hott
someone who laughs at my jokes
pamela anderson hott
sweet and innocent
anybody who will give me the time of day
I dont care as long as she looks good
I dont care as long as shes into me
When you have it bad for a girl, how do you want her to act around you?
Sweet but hard to get
friendly as if she has no idea you like her
sexy and seductive
bitchy and hard to get
giddy like a little school girl
very shy and innocent, and seems very into you
just be herself
I dont care as long as Im getting some
Which one of these celebs would you wish to marry? If you dont want to marry any of them just pick the one you are most attracted to?
Pamela Anderson
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Tyra Banks
Britany Spears
Nicole Kidman
Penelope Cruz
Jessica Simpson
Hilary Duff
Jennifer garner
Julia Roberts
Cameron Diaz
Selma Heyek
Christina Agulara
Lindsay Lohan
Eva Longoria
Reese Witherspoon
Carmen Electra
Katherine Zeta Jones
Mary Kate Olsen
Angelina Jolie
Gwen Stefani
Paris Hilton
Nikki Hilton
Whos more attractive?
Pamela Anderson
Reese Witherspoon
What kinda breasts are you mostly attracted to?
small and perky
big and round
average size, and round
huge like pam andersons
I'll accept them how they are, if i really love the person
What do you think about Nikki Hilton?
Shes alright
very pretty
she looks bad standing next to Paris
I couldnt care less about Nikki Hilton, honestly
Whos Hotter?
Britany Spears
Paris Hilton
Which sisters are the hottest?
Paris and Nikki Hilton
Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
Mary Kate and Ashlee Olsen
Britany and Jamee Lin Spears
Whos prettier?
Paris Hilton
Nikki Hilton
Whos cuter?
Jessica Simpson
Ashlee Simpson
Which is more important when it comes to girls? be honest!!
Dosnt matter as long as she likes me back
This poll was created on 2005-02-18 03:01:37 by emma1844