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Casper Van Dien

Casper Van Dien has been a Hollywood fixture since 1993. He has appeared on "One Life to Live" and "Beverly Hills 90210". But, for some reason, Hollywood is not giving him a fair break. What do you think?
Since his breakthrough role in "Starship Troopers", Casper has appeared in three other theatrical films and over a dozen made-for-video films. Do you believe some of the MFV movies should be released in theatres?
What did you think of Casper as the lovesick teenager Johnny Rico, fighting "big bugs" in "Starship Troopers"(1997)?
He was great
He was OK
He was fair
The character was hopeless
I didn't care much for the film
What did you think of Casper as the 'lord of the jungle' in "Tarzan and the Lost City" (1998)?
He was great
He was fair to middling
He could have been better
Never saw the film
What did you think of Casper as the couch-jumping theologian in "The Omega Code" (1999)?
He was great
He could have played the role with more pizzazz
Some of the actors were OK, but the film was stupid
Never saw it
What did you think of Casper as the brawny Brom Van Brunt, Katrina's suitor, in "Sleepy Hollow"(1999), his last theatrical film to date?
He was great
He wasn't bad
He wasn't that good
Never saw it...don't like stories like that
After doing "Sleepy Hollow", Casper decided to step back into TV with the series "Titans". The series was cancelled after 13 weeks. Do you think this was right?
Yes - the plot was idiotic
No - the show wasn't given a break
Never saw the show
Do you believe that Hollywood is down on Casper because of what they call a "pretty-boy" image?
Do you think Hollywood should give him a break and release more of his films to the theatre?
Yes - he deserves fair treatment
No - some of his films are dumb and baseless
If Casper chooses what films he does, do you think he could choose better?
Yes - if he's the one making the decision
No - if he's not what the studio is looking for
Do you think his marriage to Catherine Oxenberg could bring him better roles?
Yes - after all, she was a Carrington at one time
No - not if she doesn't choose him
Do you think, if anybody else (maybe Casper himself) sees this poll, Casper could get more and better roles?
Yes - the roles are out there
No - if the studio doesn't want him, they don't have to pick him
Do you believe this poll brought his Hollywood treatment to light?
Casper has a reality series with his wife and children on Lifetime TV called "I Married a Princess". If you have seen it, how do you rate it?
Better than "Newlyweds"
Quite good
Really gut-wrenching
Haven't seen it yet - but intend to now
Haven't seen it - don't like reality shows much
This poll was created on 2005-04-17 20:45:13 by Sasha_K