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Britney and more sick videos

MTV plays videos which are adult-rates at times. Britney's videos, are no exception. Whats ur opinion?
Most disgusting video?
Britney - Don't Let Me Be the Last to know
Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
More hot video?
Britney - toxic
50 cent - candy shop
More disgusting video?
Britney - I'm a slave 4 u
Maroon 5 - this love
Most DUMBEST Britney video and song?
Oops! I did it again
Baby one more time
Do Somethin'
I love rock 'n' roll
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman
Most PORNO Britney video?
Dont let me be the last to know
I'm a slave 4 u
everytime (nude bath-tub scenes)
My Perogative
Favorite video that Britney has gone naked in?
Most "decent" britney video?
Oops I did it again
Baby one more time
Me agianst the music
Will Britney go nude in her future videos again?
Will Britney and Kevin get a divorce?
If they do, when?
3 months from now
1/2 a year's time
within 1 year
within 4 years
Where will Britney be 6 years from now?
Killed by Christina Aguilera
Mrs timberlake
stoped on the ground by Avril lavigne
mrs ferderline
mrs somebody-else
Killed by Eminem
Killed by Amy lee
as a porno star
This poll was created on 2005-04-17 07:18:38 by Sunsets_In_Cali