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teen celb bouts

so who would win in these fights the girls get too much attention so.... leave other fights to add in message board
who would win arron carter or jesse mccartney
arron whips jesses sorry but
jesse wins with ease
arron wins but jesse did some damage
jesse wins but aron put up a good fight
now who would win frankie muniz or stevie brock
stevie whips frankie bad
frankie makes stevie look like mince meat
stevie wins but frankie puts up a fight
frankie wins but stevie made him look bad
who would win rupert grint or dan radcliffe
dan whops rupert
rupert teachs dan a lesson
rupert wins but its close
dan wins but comes out pretty bad
lil romeo or bow wow
bow wow whips romeo
romeo destroys bow wow
bow wow wins but barly
romeo ins but it was close
who could jonathan talor tomas beat check all that apply
lil bow wow
This poll was created on 2005-04-18 19:48:15 by angeldude50