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Inuyasha - Everyone's Favorite 1/2 Dog Demon

Poll is about the popular after-hours anime series, now in its fourth season.
Have you ever seen "Inuyasha" on the Cartoon Network?
If yes, do you feel he's finally mellowing out to Kagome?
Inuyasha is the younger son of a full dog demon through his marriage to a human woman. Do you feel this union had anything to do with Inuyasha mellowing out?
Yes - human women bring out the beast in a man
No - human women just infuriate him more
What do you think of Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru?
He should mellow out towards his brother
He should kill his brother (tainted blood destroys the family)
He should just ignore his brother as he would a human
Inuyasha's mortal enemy, Naraku, is a half-demon, just like him. Do you believe he should be saddled with weaknesses as well?
How do you feel about the reborn priestess, Kikyo? (Check any that apply)
Urasue (oor-ah-soo-way) should have left well enough alone
Her hatred for Inuyasha should have died when she did
She's a bit confusing (She's OLDER than Kaede)
What do you think of Kagome's ability to travel back to the Sengoku Era of Japan's history?
"Anime" Magazine held a poll recently about who should play the characters if "Inuyasha" was made into a live-action film. Do you feel Orlando Bloom would make a proper Inuyasha?
Yes - he's cool enough!
No - Inuyasha's supposed to be a teenager!
I'm just a wretched outcast!
How about Viggo Mortenson as Sesshomaru?
Yes - he'd be great as a sometime-villain
No - after seeing him as a king?
Who do you feel would be better as Koga, the leader of the wolf demon tribe?
Elijah Wood
Lukas Haas
Leonardo di Caprio
None of the above
Naraku creates many incarnations of himself...some male, some female. How do you feel about his incarnation, Kagura?
She is totally evil
She has her good days
She appears to want her freedom
Kagura wants to have Naraku killed. Do you believe that, being an incarnation of Naraku, she might be killed as well?
What of her "older" sister, Kanna of the Mirror? If Naraku were to be killed, do you feel it would be the end of Kanna?
Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of "Inuyasha", is an award-winning anime/manga artist. With Japanese movies appearing as American remakes (such as "The Ring"), do you believe she should adapt her stories for the American screen herself...or collaborate with a well-known American screenwriter?
She should collaborate
She should do it herself (collaborators often disagree)
When Kagome first met Inuyasha (when he was asleep and pinned to the "go-shinboku" tree), she toyed with his ears. What did you think of it?
It was hilarious
It was senseless (he wouldn't have noticed)
When Inuyasha first traveled into the future, Kagome's mother played around with his ears. Do you think this was...
What do you think of Grandpa Higurashi? (Check all that apply)
He is a funny old man
He should read more medical journals
Does he have a medical license?
He's too "steeped" in legends
Now in its fourth season, the writers are trying to get Sota Higurashi interested in girls. Do you think this is right?
Yes - but Inuyasha shouldn't be giving advice
Once again...I'm a wretched outcast
When Inuyasha holds Buyo the cat, do you believe he's playing with him or teasing him?
Teasing - that's why Buyo scratches him
"Inuyasha" is shown on the Cartoon Network after midnight. Do you think this is fair?
Yes - there are lots of adult innuendos
No - what 14-year-old stays up after midnight?
If you were a parent, would you let your children stay up to watch "Inuyasha"?
Yes - I see nothing wrong with the series
No - there are too many adult innuendos & nudity
What do you think of the "word of subjugation" that Kagome thought up?
Not bad - only she shouldn't say "Sit" when she doesn't mean it
It's funny - he keeps falling out of trees, flat on his face and into rivers
It's stupid
If "Inuyasha" was made into a live-action film, would you see it?
How did you like this poll?
It didn't make any sense
It could have been better
This poll was created on 2005-04-22 22:31:36 by Sasha_K