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ATTN Guys-- on a woman, where is it ok to be a lil pudgy?

Hey guys-- ok i know this is kind of a random question, but i really want to know. Obviously, no girl is perfect, and many today are not model thin. Anyway, if a girl is "pudgy" in a certain area, where is it going to be the least problem FOR YOU?
Where on the body is it ok for a woman to have a lil extra fat? (i.e. not overweight or obese, just a little poundage in certain places)
Stomach -- the lil tummy pooch is kinda cute
Thigh -- how many girls actually have thin thighs? I'm not picky
Lower Back -- lovehandles are attractive to me
Upper Back -- I'm not picky
Arms -- I like huggable arms
Everywhere -- I like a little meat on the bones!
Nowhere -- I like em model-thin
Nowhere -- I like the muscled athletic girls
This poll was created on 2005-05-05 02:24:06 by beaglebabe86