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current events

here are some current events issues
what is your opinion on the mexican border situation?
we need to build a wall or put our troops there
just leave it open and let anyone come across
we need to increase border patrol and arrest anyone who crosses
shoot everyone who attempts to enter country illigaly
what is your opinion of LA being takin over by the mexicans?
I think it sucks we are losing our country
oh well,thats life
Im glad,mexifornia is awesome
we should send the army in and take it back
LA is being takin over?
are you offended by the 60 billboards in southern cali proclaiming LA to be part of mexico now?
ask me during a commercial break
dont know anything about any billboards
if G.W. or a future president took away the bill of rights and or the constitution,would you fight in the revolution?
I would fight to the death with pride defending the constitution/bill of rights
I would let others fight for me and accept the outcome
I would fight against the revolution,because I dont like the constitution and bill of rights
I wouldnt care and just keep watching the tv machine
what are the biggest issues facing america today?check all that apply
gay marriage
outcome of michael jackson trial
who's finger was in the chili
runaway bride
the open border
invasion by mexico
meth epidemic
health care
the impending world government
media brainwashing
corperate monopolies
two party political system(need to let 3rd parties in debates)
united nations
big brother
geneticaly modified foods
agenda 21
flouride in the water
political correctness out of control
electronic voting with no paper trail
the news is not telling us what is realy going on in the world and country
social decay
sex and violence on prime time
child abuse
corrupt judicial system
patriot act
do we really need patriot act?
implantable microchips
other(leave comments)
This poll was created on 2005-05-20 10:03:13 by new rising sun