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Sneaking out

I am curious to learn how many young people have snuck out of home at night without your parents having a clue.
How old are you at this moment?
I sneak out frequently and my parents do not have a clue.
This statement is true for me.
They almost caught me once but I avoided detection at the last moment.
They caught me and punished me severely, but I still sneak out when I can.
I was caught, punished, and have never again snuck out.
When I sneak out I engage in activities that are much worse than what I do when I am hanging out during those hours that my parents allow me to.
This completely describes me.
I sometimes engage in worse activities;not often.
I do exactly the same things during normal hours.
I come from a home where both my parents live with me and whatever brothers and sisters I have as well.
This describes my situation perfectly.
I live with my mom; my dad lives elsewhere.
I live with my dad; my mom lives elsewhere.
I live with my grandparents.
I live with adults other than those listed above.
My brother(s) and sister(s) have no idea that I am sneaking out.
This perfectly describes my current situation.
Some family member other than my parents knows.
I sneak out WITH one or more sisters and/or brothers.
I live alone with my parents: siblings have moved out or I am an only child.
What is your gender?
I am a boy.
I am a girl.
I sneak out ...
because I feel a strong sense of excitement.
to be with my friends.
because my home life is unbearable.
because I have chronic insomnia.
I hang out with a different group of people when I sneak out than I do during normal hours.
This describes me perfectly.
I hang out with the same people I am always with.
I sneak out because I am meeting another friend or friends who are also sneaking out of their homes.
This statement describes my situation perfectly.
My situation is very different.
I have been the victim of a serious crime-such as rape or armed robbery- during the hours that I have snuck out.
This describes my situation perfectly.
I have never been victimized while sneaking out.
If you have been the victim of a serious crime, please answer the folowing?
I never snuck out again after this experience.
I still sneak out.
How long do you stay out after sneaking out?
I only stay out for an hour.
I stay out for two hours.
I stay out for three hours.
I stay out until just before my parenys awaken.
I stay out all night or crash at a friend's house.
If I were a parent I would do anything to keep my own children from sneaking out.
This describes my attitude exactly.
I would let them stay out as late as they want.
I would at least let them stay out later than I can.
I am willing to discuss my reasons for sneaking out.
How many times do you sneak out in a typical week?
Every night of the week.
Six nights a week.
Five nights a week.
Four nights a week.
Three nights a week.
Two nights a week.
One night a week.
I feel guilty about sneaking out.
This statement describes me perfectly.
I do not feel guilty at all.
I feel no true guilt but I am afraid of getting caught.
I feel a bit guilty but sneaking out is too much fun to stop.
In what manner do you exit the house when you are sneaking out?
I exit through the same door my family and I usually use during a normal day.
I exit through a door seldom used by my family or myself during a normal day.
I exit through a window in my room.
I exit through a window in some other part of the house or apartment.
What country are you from?
United States
Great Britain
North America(not including the United States)
Central America
South America
New Zealand
My sneaking out has very definitely impacted my schoolwork and homework in a negative manner.
This statement describes my situtaion perfectly.
Sneaking out has not hurt my studies at all.
Sneaking out has hurt my studies somewhat.
What race are you?
Please pick the kind of locale in which you live.
A major city such as London or Mexico City.
I live in a small city.
I live in a suburb as it is used in the American sense to describe an area just outside of a city..
I live in a town of a few hundred people.
I live in a rural area with more farm animals than people.
I am a regular user of illegal drugs(Here illegal drugs should be understood as those drugs that your country has deemed to be illegal).
This statement describes me perfectly.
I do in fact use drugs but only occasionally.
I use drugs rarely.
I never touch illegal drugs.
If your parents or legal guardians were to discover that you were sneaking out they would most likely say the following.
I am not at all surprised.
I am somewhat surprised.
I am completely shocked.
I have been sneaking out for ...
three years or more.
two years.
one year.
six months to a year.
six months.
one to six months.
one week to a month
I started sneaking out just this week.
Yesterday was the first day I have ever snuck out.
What category best describes your family or guardians financial standing.
$300,000 or more a year.
From $100,000 to $300,000 a year.
From $50,000 to $100,000 a year.
From $25,000 to $50,000 a year.
From $10,000 to $25,000 a year.
I do not know how much but we are rich.
I do not know how much but we seem to be comfortably placed in society.
We live paycheck to paycheck.
We are on public assistance.
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