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Is jealousy a motivation for the Al Queda?

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Ever since the bombing of the World Trade Center which was hit Sept 2001 I've wondered if jealousy isint a factor for the action. Countries that arent doing that well and societies might be looking for some other peoples to blame and The World Trade Center was a big thing to be jealous of. Next I think that members of English society that are not doing that well financially were sucked into blaming the country they lived in during 7-7 so they got recruited from abroad. You don't see Indians doing this because they often have a technological education and you don't see the Jews doing this either because they have made it so to speak. This is not to say there arent Arabs with alot of money plenty but the disenfranchised members may be the ones doing the Al Queda bombing. What do you think?

Is Jealousy a motivational factor behind suicide bombers?

30% (4) Yes I think
61% (8) No not at all
0% (0) Probably
7% (1) Not sure

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This poll was created on 2005-08-03 18:23:32 by DEM 1
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