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12 sexy celebs catfight rd.2

Rd. 1 losers: Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry; Jennifer Aniston; Heather Graham. The 8 remaining continue fighting for that lead role.
Setting their sights on each other, Heather Locklear and Elizabeth Hurley slap, scratch and pull hair as they wrestle.
Heather straddles Elizabeth and slaps her stupid.
Elizabeth scratches out Heather's eyes.
They catfight evenly and move to the next round.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Nicole Kidman tear into each other.
Nicole pounds Catherine's face like hamburger.
Catherine knocks Nicole's head off.
They swap punches evenly and advance.
Helen Hunt & Julia Roberts get it on slapping, scratching, kicking and pulling.
Helen tears out Julia's hair and makes her cry.
Julia has Helen screaming under her nails.
They claw and scrap evenly and advance.
Sandra Bullock & Courtney Cox stand toe to toe and trade punches to the head and body.
Sandra knocks Courtney's out cold.
Courtney drops Sandra with a belly blow.
They fistfight evenly and advance.
This poll was created on 2005-08-21 16:28:33 by Kit1717