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for people who don't like britney spears

some people are crazy about britney and HATE her. most of people who don't like her think that she's a slut(britney, if your readin this, I don't think so) lol.
why do you think britney is a slut?
coz she kissed halle berry and madonna
because of what happened with jason alexander( the whole wedding story)
because of her videos
because your jaleous of her
because of her clothes
because she got married with a man with 2 children
your a big fan of christina aguilera
( and other britney ennemy)and coz they don't like her you don't like her either and think she's a slut(that works for complete idiots)
coz you predict she's gonna sell sex
This poll was created on 2005-08-20 03:45:23 by love-movies