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SURVIVOR:New Sexy Celeb Edition

Every certain amount of votes, I will eliminate one person from 3 different teams. So YOU are selecting the person you wanted VOTED OUT.
Team ONE:The SEXY Singers, who should be ELIMINATED first?
Britney Spears
Kelly Clarkson
Christina Aguilera
Jennifer Lopez
Nicole (lead singer of The Pussy Cat Dolls)
Ashlee Simpson
Lindsay Lohan
Kylie Minogue
Paulina Rubio
Brooke Hogan
Sheryl Crow
Shania Twain
Faith Hill
Team TWO:Sexy Actresses, Who should be eliminated first?
Angelina Jolie
Brittany Murphy
Kate Hudson
Jennifer Aniston
Charlize Theron
Halle Berry
Paris Hilton
Cameron Diaz
Penelope Cruz
Keira Knightley
Salma Hayek
Reese Witherspoon
Carmen Electra
Rachel Bilson
Courteney Cox
Kate Beckinsale
Mischa Barton
Rachel McAdams
Kate Bosworth
Team THREE:Stupid Team, who should be eliminated first?
Jessica Simpson
Hilary Duff
Celine Dion
Renee Zelwegger
Nicolette Sheridian
Hilary Swank
Felicity Hoffman
Marcia Cross
Tina Turner
Janet Jackson
Mandy Moore
Ashley Olson
Alexis Bledal
Mary Kate Olson
Random Question: Who is your FAVORITE team so far?
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
This poll was created on 2005-09-18 17:33:04 by girl_interrupted77