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What do you believe in?

Some questions about your beliefs. Please take time to think about your answers. Thanks.
What is the cause of human consciousness?
Physical reactions in the brain.
Physical reactions in the body as a whole.
Physical phenomena in the brain is an effect, not the cause of human consciousness.
The soul God gave us.
The One Consciousness, of which we all are imaginary parts of.
A divine being.
Humans aren't consciouss.
Which of the following is the best definition of God (or god) in your opinion?
The Ruler of Existence.
Infinite Love.
The Natural Flow.
The One Consciousness.
The Compassionate Father.
An idea created to help us feel safer.
An idea created to manipulate the masses.
An empty word.
A word to explain the unexplainable.
The reason for your existance?
God saw it fit for me to be born.
A chemical reaction brought forth by my parents.
I exist because karmic events led to my existence.
I exist, because I imagine to exist.
I am part of a masterplan, just like everyone else.
I don't care.
What happens to you when you die?
It will be the end for me, period.
I will be reincarnated as a human.
I will be reincarnated, but I don't know in which form.
I will be reincarnated as an animal.
I will be Jugded, and send to either Heaven or Hell.
I will go straight to Hell (or a similar place).
I will go straight to Heaven (or a similar place).
I will lie dormant and wait for the Armageddon.
I will continue to live in a dream-state.
I will move into a parallel universe.
I will attain Nirvana.
I don't know.
I don't know and I don't care.
The meaning of life?
Life has no meaning.
To reproduce.
To love and help others.
To suffer; life is a penalty.
It's just a ride; we are here to be awed.
To do God's will.
To fulfill your own potential.
To enjoy the worldly delights.
To die.
What are your thoughts on different religions?
They are all created by scared & delusional people, and contain no truths.
Only one of them is the Truth, and others are perversions and/or evil.
Only one of them is the Truth, but some contain bits of truth here and there.
They are all mutated versions of the One True Religion, and therefore contain some truths.
None of them are perfect, but most have some good ideas about how to live.
They are a system of control created to keep people obedient, and nothing more.
I can relate to one or two religions, but most of them are just meaningless traditions.
I hate everything.
Is life sacred?
Human life is, animals and plants are different.
Animals are sacred, humans and plants are not.
Plants are sacred, humans and animals are not.
What are your thoughts on Good and Evil?
Just two meaningless words, it's all subjective.
They both exist. God is Good, Satan is Evil.
They both exist. Love is Good, Hatred is Evil.
Good and Evil exist, but it's impossible to define them. Some things just are Ev
Good exists, but there is no concrete Evil-ness.
Evil exists, but there is no concrete Good-ness.
I couldn't care less.
Which of the following have MOST affected the way you think about spiritual matters? (please choose only 2-3 max)
My mother.
My father.
My family.
My school.
My church.
My friends.
Canonic books I've read (The Bible, The Quran etc).
Other books I've read.
People I've listened to.
The internet.
A horrible experience.
A wonderful experience.
Thinking by myself.
A sudden understanding.
Science (the laws of physics, chemistry, biology etc).
Observing life.
Thank you for taking this poll. Now think about what you have answered, and choose which one of the following describes you best.
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