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Are u perfect???

Perfect mean perfect, do u think that u r the one???
First of all, do u think that u r the best, the perfect one?
Yeah definately, why do u ask?
No i don't think so
Hey should i know this?
So how r u at home?
I am a good boy/girl
I am not that good
I am fine
Hey, what the hell is this stuff, anyway
U got secrets?
Yeah I got a few
No, none
Why should i tell u?
U do ur chores?
Hey, no way
Yeah, sometimes
I forgot
U good at school?
I think i am fine
Worse then u can imagine
I dunno
Are u a good friend?
Friends are just time pass
Who cares about 'em
I dunno
This is the last question, if u answer this in positive, u r perfect. What do u think of this poll?
I love it
It sucks
I dunno what to say, i dunno
Why are u asking me so many questions?
This poll was created on 2006-01-05 17:16:33 by Areeba