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Pokémon Recast

It has been brought to the attention of the Pokémon fandom that the dubbing of the anime has changed hands. What are your feelings on the issue?
So 4Kids no longer dubs the show...
Woo hoo! It's finally away from the evil 4Kids!
Meh, they hardly edit anything anyway.
I don't watch the show.
PUSA have handed control over to TAJ Studios who have done some work on the show before.
Yes! They'll be much better than 4Kids!
Oh dear. This could be bad.
I'll wait to see how they do before I make an opinion.
I don't watch the show.
However, to save money the show will use completely new voice actors.
What?!? That's crazy!
Great. I never liked the old voices.
I'm indifferent to it.
I don't watch the show.
The voice actors will impersonate the old voices.
So why not just use the old VAs? They are the best at making their voices.
That's ok. They'll probably sound enough like the old voices.
But I want whole new voices.
I'm indifferent.
I don't watch the show.
The new voices will be piloted in the special airing at the end of April, entitled The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon.
Grr. I'm not watching it in protest.
I anxiously await.
It should be interesting.
I don't watch the show.
A number of members of the fandom are organising a protest at the recast.
I'll join them.
They can do that but I won't join them.
They're just being stupid.
I still don't watch the show.
So what are your overall feelings?
This is good.
This is bad.
I'm indifferent.
Why am I still voting in a poll about a show I don't watch?
This poll was created on 2006-03-27 21:17:15 by Mew Mew