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bird flu, a big panic over nothing

bird flu has been in the news non-stop, but only 100 people have died. compared to 400000 a year who die of air pollution in china. Its obvious that you should know the facts before you become so scared. the media rules our lives, particulary in america. maybe you should get your prorities because your more likely to be struck by lightening than be struck by bird flu, this poll will ask you questions about what you think?
how scared are you about bird flu?
not bothered
a bit worried
quite worried
im going to die!
have your parents tried to protect you from bird flu?
they don't care!
they tell me to be careful
they don't stop talking about it
they won't let me even eat any chicken
they wrap me up in cotton wool
This poll was created on 2006-06-23 17:47:23 by jack drew