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Saying your Prayers

Did you say your prayers at bed time, when you were a child?
When you were a child, did you observe the nightly ritual of "God bless mommy and daddy and fluffy and grampa" bedtime prayers?
Yes, and it was meaningful to me.
Yes, but only because I was taught to.
Not always, but sometimes.
No, never.
If YES, when did you stop?
Before I was ten years old.
Between ten and 14.
After 14.
I still do, regularly.
I still do occasionally.
NO, I never did.
Do your parents say their bedtime prayers every night, the same way that small children do?
They pray regularly, but in different ways.
No, theyve stopped.
No, they never did as far as I know.
Does God hear bedside prayers of children, but not adults?
Adults should do it too.
Adults dont have to do it every night like that.
Its just a religious ritual.
Its just a way to introduce children to the concept of prayer.
Usually, children stop believing in Santa Claus at about the same time that they stop believing that their bedside prayers have a special significance to God. Does this mean that letters to Santa and prayers to God both go to pretty much the same in-box?
No. There really is a God who hears our prayers.
Yes, its a childhood cultural tradition not based on reality.
This poll was created on 2006-04-15 11:36:52 by jtur88