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Customer service

This is a poll survey to see what you like and dislike about common customer service practice.
Which do you prefer when going out to an eatery.
You go to counter to request order
Waiter comes to check on you for order
Which do you prefer
One waiter collects and distributes order to you
Two or more waiters collect and distribute order to you
Do you like being guided through a meal or an order with offers of additions to it (for example: would you like fries with that)
Which do you prefer
Chatting service providers
Quiet service providers
Which do you think generally provides worst customer service
Middle class restaurants
High class restaurants
Fast food outlets
Low to middle class take away stores
Food and/or drink stands (outdoors with open air)
Customer service providers are often advised to show eye contact do you find this;
a friendly approach
a disconcerting approach
a neutral feeling towards that approach
This poll was created on 2007-09-17 05:13:58 by Water drinker