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With our Without God

How would your behavior change if you had absolute proof that there is or is not a God?
First, do you believe in God?
Yes, and He shows me the moral way.
Yes, but my morality comes from within myself.
Do you believe that people who believe in God are usually more moral than people who don't?
No, less moral.
About the same.
For those of you who believe in God, suppose you found absolute undeniable convincing proof that there is no God. How would that change your day to day moral and social behavior?
I don't believe in God.
It would not change my behavior.
I would stop being so righteous.
I'd become an even better person.
For those who DON'T believe in God, how would it change you if you found absolute proof that there is a God?
I DO believe in God already.
I would become more righteous.
No change in my behavior.
I would become a worse person.
For believers, what is it that makes you behave in a nice, right way? Why do you do "the right thing"?
I don't believe in God.
Because of fear that God will punish me.
Because of fear that the Law will punish me.
Because I feel bad if I am not nice to people.
So people will be nice to me in return,
Has your belief in God always been pretty much the same?
No, in the past I believed in God but now I don't.
No, in the past I was a doubter, but now I believe.
Why are you a Christian (or other religion) as you are now?
I'm not.
Born and raised, and never questioned it.
I honestly believe in the truth of my faith.
I made a rational religious choice on my own.
I chose my religion for convenience.
Demographic statistics. Which are you? click all that apply)
Under 18
Over 18
Going to heaven
Going to hell
Going to dust
Don't swear.
Addictive personality.
Not addicted to anything.
Not overweight.
Online because Im bored
Online becaust its interesting
It's light out
It's dark out
Just a sec, I'll look.
I do crossword puzzles
I don't do crosswords.
I spend too much.
I'm frugal.
I'd rather live in a different state/country
I like where I am.
Size matters.
Size doesnt matter.
Better to be lucky than smart.
Better to be smart, not wait for luck.
2 + 2 = 4
10 + 10 = 100
I clicked both of those.
This poll was created on 2007-03-20 16:13:37 by jtur88