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Movie Viewing

Just a poll to see the manner in which folks like to view their movies.
When going to the theatre, how many movies do you generally prefer to see in a day or night?
Three Or More
When viewing movies at home, how many do you generally prefer to watch in a day or night?
Three or more
When watching more than one in a night, do you generally like to keep them theatically similar (i.e. two horror movies, or two comedies) or mix them up (i.e. Lilo & Stitch and House Of Sand And Fog on the same night, or Saw II and Titanic on the same night)
Thematically similar, usually
Mix 'em up!
Doesn't really matter
Do you collect DVDs?
Yes, a lot
Yes, but only a few
No, rent only
This poll was created on 2007-11-25 16:36:34 by Roverto