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Favorite Yaoi Naruto parring

whats your favorite crack Yaoi,Yuri Parings?
Who do you prefur Naruto with?
Naruto x Sasuske
Naruto x Shikamaru
Naruto x Kiba
Naruto x shino
Naruto x gai
Naruto x Lee
Naruto x Neji
Naruto x Kakashi
Naruto x Asuma
Naruto x Kisame
Naruto x Itachi
Naruto x Hidan
Naruto x Tobi/Madara
Naruto x Sasori
Naruto x Kakazu
Naruto x Pein
Naruto x Orchimaru
Who do you Perfur Sasuke to be with?
Sasuke x Kiba
Sasuke x Naruto
Sasuke x Itachi (Me:eww)
Sasuke x Kakashi
Sasuke x lee
Sasuke x Neji
Sasuke x Kisame
Sasuke x Deidara (me: ... why?)
Sasuke x Sasori
Sasuke x Juugo
Sasuke x Gai
Sasuke x Pein
Sasuke x shino
Sasuke x Shikamaru
None i typed
This poll was created on 2007-11-22 07:41:30 by Marcellus