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Let's see if many Catholics and none catholics alike agree on certein issues. Like teachings, Moral laws,pope, mary etc.
Are Catholics Mary worshipers?
Yes, They worship mary.
No, They Just Admire the mother of God.
I'm not sure.
Are Catholics Pope Worshipers?
Yes, They worship the pope.
No, they just respect the pope.
I don't Know.
Do you Think The Pope Is infalliable?
Yes, He donsn't Make Mistakes on Doctrines at all. He is perfect in makimg laws.
No, He Makes Mistakes and sins like every on else.
I'm not sure.
Who cares anyway.
Do you agree that there is A Purgatory?
No Just heaven and Hell.
I'm not sure.
Do you agree on the Idea of Indulgence? Reciving Merits from Jesus and the Saints.
Yes, I do.
No, thats A man made Idea.
I have No IDEA.
Should Preists get married?
Yes, they should get married.
No, they should not because Jesus was not married.
I'm not sure.
Should Women be aloud to be a preist?
Yes, We need more Priests
No, It's a Man's world.
I'm not sure.
Is Satan a real Person?
Yes, He is a real being.
No, he is a force.
No, he is made up by man.
I'm Not sure.
Do you think Catholism is Infulenced by pagenism?
Yes, It is.
No, Not at all.
I'm not sure.
Do you think that the catholic Church is the "True Church"?
Yes, the Church was founded by Christ.
No, The Eastern Orathodox Church Is the true Church.
No, but, all Churchs are.
i Don't care.
The Cathoilc Chruch Asures that the only way to be saved is to be apart of the the Church. And to follow it's teachings. What do you Think?
Yes, it's ture.
No, it's not ture.
No, you have to be born again to come to the father.
I think religion is is false.
This poll was created on 2006-05-27 17:49:20 by Red Tiger