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Can Daniel Craig Drive?

23-02-06. Daniel Craig has problems driving Bond`s classic DB5 during shooting. Daniel Craig stunned James Bond bosses when he couldn't drive 007's classic car - reports LSE. Filmmakers had transported Bond's original Aston Martin DB5 to the Bahamas to shoot new movie 'Casino Royale'. But the star confessed he didn't have a license to drive the manual car, which Sean Connery drove when he played the dashing spy. The 39-year-old reportedly said: "Er... I don't do gears." An insider is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "They've started shooting here and are using the old DB5, which is absolutely sensational. It was shipped over and was ready to go but then we found out he can't drive a manual car. "So we have had to adapt it so it's like an automatic. You don't expect that with James Bond, to be honest."
Do you believe Daniel Craig can drive stick shift?
Yes! Of course he can. I mean who can’t.
No! Another thing that proves how unsuited for Bond he is.
Maybe. He can drive a stick, but not well. Stalls out at traffic lights
Lagniappe!! He is a disgrace,My grandmother can drive better!
Does it matter if he can drive a stick shift or not?
Yes! He can’t act his way out of this. 90% of the planet can drive a stick shift
No! He’ll act like he can drive and we will never know the difference.
Not really. Brosnan couldn’t fly a jet plane, but I still believed Bond could.
Did the news story about Craig’s inability to drive affect your opinion of him?
Not really
Did it affect your opinion in a positive or negative way?
Positive. Shows he’s only human.
Negative. This guy is a joke! Let him go back to making independent films!
If/when you see scenes of him driving how likely are you to remember this news story?
Not at all. I will probably forget all about.
Greatly. I will always remember that this guy is afraid of guns, water, and cars.
I may remember it but it won’t matter
This poll was created on 2006-06-17 03:51:16 by John Towers