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NonChristians (For Christians Only)

What happens to them?
What do you think of NonChristians?
NonChristians are evil people worthy of hell.
Holy people.
Regular People.
What happens to NonChristians at their death?
NonChristians will burn forever in the fiery depths of hell.
NonChristians will go to eternal happiness in heaven.
NonChristians will go to Purgatory.
What percentage of NonChristians will go to hell?
What percentage of NonChristians will go to heaven?
What does God think of NonChristians?
God hates NonChristians and will send them to Hell.
God loves them and will forgive them.
Don't Know.
What if the NonChristian becomes a Christian. Will they be redeemed?
Not a chance. They will still burn.
Nothing to redeem.
If the only way to stay out of Hell and get to Heaven is Jesus and only Christians believe Jesus was the savior does this change your mind?
Yes. NonChristians will burn in eternal hellfire.
No. They will go to heaven.
Don't Know.
Is there any chance for Non Christians to escape the eternal physical and mental torture of hell.
Absolutely Not. All Non Christians will burn in eternal hellfire.
Yes. They can still go to heaven.
This poll was created on 2006-06-04 03:49:39 by docp12