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what is the best dvd in my anime collection

i have a small collection of anime dvd's and i want you viewers to vote on which dvd is the best
out of all the anime dvd's i have which one do you like the best
dragon ball:the complete tien shinhan saga
dragon ball:the complete piccolo jr. saga(part 1&2)
inuyasha season 1
inuyasha season 2
inuyasha the movie 3,swords of an honorable ruler
final fantasy VII advent childeren
the legend of zelda complete animated series
yu yu hakusho:chapter black(sensui saga)
dragon ball z tree of might
these are dvd's of anime im getting in the near future which one do you like the best
rurouni kenshin(seasons 1,2,and3)
super mario bros supershow
ninja scroll the complete animated series
neon genesis evangelion season 1
inuyasha season 3
This poll was created on 2006-06-17 18:11:57 by 2moons2suns