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Die Another Day

Daniel Craig and reboot supporters now claim that Die Another Day is one of the worst Bond movies ever made. These detractors claim this movie ruined the series and necessitated a restart of the series and recasting of the role. Tell us what you think of Die Another Day.
Have you seen Die Another Day?
Maybe.For national security reasons I neither confirm nor deny.
Did you like it?
Yes! Great Bond adventure. Give me more of ‘em!
No! What were they thinking!! I don’t care if it was an anniversary movie.
Pretty good.Not bad but I expected more.(that’s more, not Roger Moore)
Indifferent, not my favorite but not the worst Bond movie.
How many time have you watched it?
Once or twice
1-5 times
6-10 times
11-20 times
20 or more times
Did you appreciate it more after watching it again?
Yes. I find more in it every time I watch it.
No. the story and special effects give me a migraine.
Not really. It is has been favorite since I first saw it, that hasn’t changed .
Not really. Decent movie but not my favorite, I don’t like or dislike it.
Did you see Die Another Day in the movie theaters?
Yes! I was there opening weekend.
Yes. My whole family went to see it.
Yes. All of my friends and family went to see it.
No. I did not go to the theaters I bought the dvd instead.
No. I saw it on TV.
Did you go more than once to see it in the theaters?
Did you like the Madonna theme song?
Yes! She was great.
Ah. It was ok but I didn’t really care for it
No! Why am I being tortured!!!
How would you rate Pierce Brosnan’s performance?
Intense! The best he have ever been.
Great! He really did a lot with this role.
Good. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t his best performance.
So so. He was decent.
Awful. I lost 2 hours of my life!!!
How would you rate the villain?
Great Villain. Classic Bond twists.
Good villain. Decent bad guy, both of them.
Who was the villain again? The guy from Witchblade or the diamond guy?
Horrible Villain. Didn’t make sense at all.
How do you think the Americans were portrayed?
Perfect. Got the yanks down to rights.
Good. Made the Americans look better than the really are. Rule Britannia!
Poorly. The American are just for comic relief. We are not really like that you
Badly. I just thank god Jack Wade didn’t show up again.
What Americans? Hey what about us Canadians we are Americans too!!!
Wow! The NSA has field agents as well as taping everyone’s phones.
Did you like the Jinx character?
Don’t know
Did you like the Frost character?
Don’t know
Did you like the invisible car?
Yes. Where do I buy one
No. How do I find it after I park it.
Maybe. What kind of mileage does it get?
Did you think the special effects were too much?
Yes. The CGI was over used, instead of better story telling.
No. It was great, the story was better for it.
Would/did you recommend Die Another Day to your friends?
Absolutely! Whats not to like.
Yes. It was an entertaining flick.
No! Why would I want to inflict this torture on another living sole?
This poll was created on 2006-06-17 05:04:14 by John Towers