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This poll is about the populair television show Friends, with Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt leBlanc and David Schwimmer.
Who is your favorite Friends Character?
Monica Geller
Rachel Green
Phoebe Buffay
Ross Geller
Chandler Bing
Joey Tribbiani
Who is your favorite actress/actor?
Courteney Cox Arquette
Jennifer Aniston
Phoebe Buffay
Matthew Perry
Matt LeBlanc
David Schwimmer
Wich actor/actress do you think looks the best?
Courteney Cox
Jennifer Aniston
Lisa Kudrow
Matthew Perry
Matt LeBlanc
David Schwimmer
Wich season do you like the best if you had to choose out of these?
Season 3
Season 5
Season 6
Season 8
Season 9
Wich place do you like the best?
Central Perk
Monica's appartment
Joey & Chandler's appartment
Ross' appartment
Phoebe & Mike's place
Wich couple did you like the best?
Monica & Chandler
Rachel & Ross
Phoebe & Mike
Wich character made the best jokes?
Wich episode do you like best if you had to choose out of THESE?
The one with the Boobies (season 1)
The one with the baby on the bus (season 2)
The one with the morning after (season 3)
The one with all the haste (season 4)
The one with the girl who hits Joey (season 5)
The one where Phoebe runs (season 6)
The one with Monica's thunder (season 7)
The one where Rachel is late (season 8)
The one with Phoebe's birthday diner (season 9)
The one where Joey speaks French (season 10)
Wich actor/actress from Friends does have the best movies?
Courteney Cox(Scream,3000 miles to Graceland etc.)
Jennifer Aniston(Rumor has it,Derailed etc.)
Lisa Kudrow(Analyze that,All over the Guy etc.)
Matthew Perry(Serving Sara,Three to tango etc.)
Matt LeBlanc(Lost in Space, Charlie's angels etc.)
David Schwimmer(Duane Hopwood,Kissing a fool etc)
This poll was created on 2006-06-24 20:38:14 by cece18