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Is It The End of Times? Anti-Christ?

Chapter 16 in the book of Revelation makes mention to the Euphrates River which runs directly through Iraq. Some speculate that the return of Christ is in the near future. What do you think?
Do you believe that the war to end all wars is approaching?
Yes, it has already begun.
Yes, it is very close.
No, there are many prophecies yet to be fulfilled.
I don't know, but it concerns me.
No, this war will never take place.
If the anti-christ has been born and is in power, whom would he most likely be?
George Bush (USA)
Jacques Chirac (France)
The anti-christ is not in power
I do not believe in the anti-christ
Vladimir Putin (Russia)
Osama Bin Laden (Al-Qaida)
The Pope (Roman Catholic Church)
Tony Blair (UK)
Ariel Sharon (Israel)
Chong-il Kim (North Korea)
Koffi Anan (United Nations Sec-General)
Bill Clinton
Saddam Hussein (Iraq)
Ayatollah Khamanei (Iran)
Zemin Chiang
Roger William (MSN)
To what religion do you associate yourself?
There are several prophecies in the Bible that were not possilbe before. For example, the idea that "every eye" will see the return of Christ is now possible due to technology. Do these possibilities point to the approach of his return?
Revelation chapter 16 says that the Euphrates River in Iraq will dry up and an army of 2 million will cross it. Do the dams built on the river make it possible to "dry up"?
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