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Courteney Cox

All about Courteney Cox Arquette, the star from Friends & Scream!
Do you like Courteney Cox?
Yes, alot!
Yes, a little
No, not really
No, not at all
What do you think of her looks?
She is very beautiful!
She is kinda pretty
No she isn't that pretty
Do you think she is hotter than Jennifer Aniston?
Yes she sure is!
No i don't think she is, but she is hot though!
No i don't think she is hot at all
Wich character do you like best?
Monica Geller (Friends)
Gale Weathers (Scream)
What do you think about Courteney & David?
They are the cutest couple!
They are nice together
They aren't that great together
Do you think she looks good for her age? (42)
Yes she looks great for her age!
No she looks not great for her age!
In wich movie does she looks the best?
3000 Miles to Graceland
The longest Yard
This poll was created on 2006-06-25 11:43:33 by cece18