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Big Brother Fighting Arena!

Choose the victor of the Big Brother House's Fighting Arena. Remember, only one will win!
Round 1 Aisleyne vs Nikki Her Royal Bitchyness vs The Anorexic Complainer
Nikki rips aisleyne's head off, then kisses Pete
Nikki rips aisleyne's head off, then kisses YOU
Aisleyne uses her super bitchyness to kill nikki
Aisleyne throws a brick at Nikki, killing her
Nikki and Aisleyne both die
Nikki and Aisleyne both get tired then strip
Round 2 Glyn vs Pete Welsh idiot vs. Tourettes with S&M fetishes
Glyn jumps onto the roof and then dies jumping back
Pete calls Glyn a fat wanker. Glyn kills himself.
Glyn jumps onto the roof and kills pete jumping back
Glyn vomits over Pete, burning him with the acid
Pete and Glyn get killed by Jenny
Pete and Glyn both get too tired to fight and start stripping
Round 3 Jenny vs Richard The second Lisa vs. Pete's best friend
Jenny burns Richard with a cigarette until he dies
Jenny shouts at Richard until he kills himself
Richard slaps the crap out of Jenny until she dies
Richard inserts daggers into his cowboy hat and throws it at Jenny
They both get killed by Davina with a sledgehammer
They both live, but barely
THE FINALS Choose who you would like to win the BBA
I hate them all
I love them all
I love Davina
This poll sucks, everyone should die!
What did you think of this poll?
Oh my god you've just taken crack haven't you?
Ok I guess...
The best!!!
I want you inside me
This poll was created on 2006-08-15 20:06:23 by dipthong