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Go Healthy Poll

This is a poll about the average persons lifestyle. Take my quiz, coming soon!

Which of these Challengers are you most like, or Willing to become?

16% (9) Emerging Athelete (Starting to become healthier)
9% (5) Activist (Working to Make your community healthier)
29% (16) Health Warrior (Working Hard to become heathier)
9% (5) Barrier Breaker (Overcoming unhealthy family to become the healthiest yet.)
25% (14) None. I am already Healthy!
10% (6) None. I dont care about my health!

55 voters have answered this question.

Which of these foods do you regularly eat?

7% (10) McDonalds or Other Fast foods
9% (13) Low-Fat Yogurt and Other Dairy
13% (18) Ice Cream, Chips, and other Junk Foods
17% (24) Cereal, Bread, and other Grains
17% (24) Chicken, Beef, and other Meats
14% (19) Celery, Potatos, and Other Veggies
19% (26) Strawberries, Bananas, and other Fruits

134 voters have answered this question.

Every Healh Challenger needs a plan. Whats yours?

38% (19) Exersize more and Eat Healthier
12% (6) Exersize about the same, but still eat the same foods
16% (8) Eat healthier foods and begin to develop an exersise routine
2% (1) Educate my community about being healthier
4% (2) Helping my family all get healther and exersize more
4% (2) Watch less TV, but not much cange in my diet or exersize.
24% (12) Keeping my diet and exersize in balance, but I am healthy enough

50 voters have answered this question.

WHEre do you think the nation is now, in terms of health?

24% (17) Very Unhealthy, we will all die if no one does something!
8% (6) Just Fine, no one should need to change!
27% (19) We are so-so. We all need to exersize and eat healthier
11% (8) I dont really care, in dont live in the US.
20% (14) I think people should adapt better lifesyles so our kids can live in a healtheir world.
7% (5) I'll have to get back to you on that.

69 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-08-14 17:14:35 by oreocream
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