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Teen Girl Star Tournament RD 1 (Emma Watson vs Amanda Bynes)

This the first round of my teen tournament. The tournament will consist of 8 female stars so to be even. Note: the only other possible number is 16 which i cant do for a lack of girl stars. Each round will consist of 3 contest consisting a detailed catfight, who is sexier and who is the better actress with the winner winning the best 2 out of 3. This round is between Harry Potter's Emma Watson and What a girl wants' Amanda Bynes
Who would win in a catfight? The two are the last two auditioners of a new hit film. Before the audtions the two meet backstage and start to argue about who is going to get the part until
Emma slaps Amanda in the face.
Amanda slaps Emma in the face.
The two crash toghter and roll around fighting and clawing until
Emma give Amanda a suplex
Amanda give Emma a body slam
After the two continue biting and clawing until
Emma gives Amanda a wedgie and spanks her a few times
Amanda pins Emma and punches her breasts a few time
Finally the two continue fighting until
Emma smothers Amanda with her breasts into unconciouness winning the fight
Amanda sits on Emma's face and smothers her into unconciouness winning the fight
Out of the 2, who is the better actress?
Who is sexier?
Do you think this tournament is a good idea?
Will you post a comment?
This poll was created on 2006-08-22 04:15:04 by Halomercenary91