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weird question

please answer these poll question to the best of your ability
would you rather eat paper or drink urine oh its random questions i forgot to tell you guys
(a)eat paper
(b)drink urine
what taste better
(a)tomato soup mixed with paper
(b)onion with maple syrup
what would you rather do
(a)run outside naked
(c)jump off a building
(d)kill your self
what would you rather eat
(d)raindear testicals
if someone runs down the street and says its the end of the world what would you do to the crazy man
(a)take him to the mental hospital
(b)beat him up
(c)for the fun of it get ur kids to beat him up
(d)light him on fire
if it was the last day on earth is on may 19 2011 what would you do on that day check all that applys
go to work for an hour or so
go to school and dont do nothing untill the end of the day
run down the street naked
tell your kids or mom or dad that you love them
kill your self
what do you do at the olast day of school
(a)run home and dont do nothing for the whole day
(B)go home and drink beer
This poll was created on 2006-11-08 02:51:32 by MPC2642986551