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Sailor Moon Poll

Sailor Moon is one of the most famous anime released. In addition to having great characters it also has great music and animation. 5 years ago it was in the top for best animes. I want to know what people today think of it. I also hope to remind people of some of it's fun moments. It's not supposed to be an exhaustive survey of Sailor Moon, but more half fun half serious.
Are you male or female?
Is Sailor Moon a young girls' show?
Kind of
No, If you like something, it's for you/
Absolutely Not
How would you rate Sailor Moon on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being worst and 5 being best.
5 - Amazing
4 - Good
3 - Average
2 - Poor
1 - Unwatchable Rubbish
Would you say that Sailor Moon has a lot more depth than some of the more modern anime?
Do you think that Sailor Moon is outdated?
Do you think that Sailor Moon projects good values to the audience, those of love and peace?
Do you hate region coding on DVDs?
Who are your favourite characters? Please select up to 3.
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Venus
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
Tuxedo Mask
Who are your favourite villains from the first 2 seasons? Please select up to 2 only.
Queen Beryl
Prince Dimande
The 4 Sisters
Ali and Ann
Do you know what being "talented" means?
Yes - It means being good at something
Yes - I know EXACTLY what it means
What do you think was the funniest recurring humor bit of Sailor Moon?
Usagi's (Sailor Moon) being clumsy?
Usagi/Rei arguing?
Umino being a geek?
Usagi/Ann arguing over Mamoru?
Other (There are loads)
Did you laugh when... (tick all that apply)
The first episode when Usagi comes home with a bad grade?
Luna's Drawing of Usagi when she's fat?
Usagi giving Rei a super hot sandwich?
Usagi jumping at Mamoru only to find out he doesn't remember her at start of Season R?
Minako caring for her sick friends?
Usagi slapping and spanking Chibi-Usa?
Rei's Grandpa flirting with girls?
Did you cry when... (tick all that apply)
Nephrite Dies
Zoicite Dies
Sailor Senshi Die
Ali and Ann leave
Hotaru is reincarnated
Sailor Moon has many magnificent tunes. Protect the Stars, Sailor Senshi and Moonlight Densetsu are all awesome, and there are tons of other great tunes. Would you agree that in the Sound Department Sailor Moon wins over other Anime?
Thank You for participating. Did you enjoy the poll?
It was the most magnificent Poll ever
It was quite good
It was average
It was bad
It was horrible
Do you feel like watching some Sailor Moon Episodes now?
This poll was created on 2006-11-09 02:19:51 by corsair