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Ladies: Your opinion on female armwrestling?

There seems to be quite a few polls on this site involving female vs. female armwrestling. I am curious as to the ladies' opinions regarding female armwrestling in general. Please add any comments you may have in the message section.
Ladies: Which statements most accurately reflect your feelings regarding female armwrestling? (Check as many boxes that apply. In some questions, the abbreviation for "armwrestling" will be AW.)
I like the concept.
I dislike the concept.
I am offended by the concept.
I am neutral about the concept.
I can understand how a guy could find female AW sexy.
I can't understand why a guy would find female AW sexy.
I have armwrestled other girls.
I armwrestle other girls often.
I've AW other girls, but only once(or a few) times.
I have never AW a girl, but would like to.
I have never AW a girl, and have no desire to.
Girls should not armwrestle.
If my boyfriend told me that female armwrestling turned him on...(please check all that apply)
I'd think it was weird, but I'd be OK with it.
I'd think it was weird, & I would NOT be OK w/ it.
I'd break up with him.
I wouldn't find it weird at all.
Knowing it turned him on, it would turn ME on.
I'd armwrestle a girlfriend if he asked.
I would NOT AW a girlfriend if he asked.
I'd be OK w/ it, but wouldn't AW another girl for him.
I'd armwrestle all the girls I could!
I'd consider him less of a man.
This poll was created on 2006-12-02 03:30:08 by Alzare