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Vote for who you want to be in one band together making the greatest band imaginable!
Okay, let's start with the ultimate rock band first. Who would you want as the singer?
Elvis Presley
John Lennon
Mick Jagger
Roger Daltrey
Jim Morrison
Ian Gillan
Jimi Hendrix
Robert Plant
Bon Scott
Brian Johnson
Axl Rose
Kurt Cobain
Janis Joplin
Roger Waters
Freddie Mercury
John Kay
Steve Tyler
Eric Clapton
Next, who'd you choose as the guitarist?
Jimi Hendrix
Keith Richards
Carlos Santana
Pete Townshed
Angus Young
Joe Perry
Robbie Krieger
Ritchie Blackmore
Kurt Cobain
Jimmy Page
B.B. King
Chuck Berry
Robert Johnson
Joe Straini
Duanne Allman
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Eddie Van Halen
Who'd you choose as the bassist?
John Paul Jones
John Entwistle
Roger Glover
Mark Evans
Paul McCartney
Phil Lesh
Chris Squire
Geddy Lee
Jack Bruce
James Jamerson
Whcih drummer would play drums for the ultimate rock band?
John Bonham
Neil Part
Keith Moon
Ian Paice
Stewart Copeland
Mitch Mitchell
Phill Collins
Alex Van Halen
Ginger Baker
Which metal singer would you want for the ultimate 'metal' band?
Ozzy Osbourne
Rob Halford
Bruce Dickinson
James Hetfield
Tom Araya
Dave Mustaine
Geoff Tate
Phil Anselmo
Chuck Billy
Who'd you choose as the guitarist for the metal band?
Tony Iommi
Dimebag Darrell
Rhandy Rhoads
David Murray & Adrian Smith
Marty Friedman
Chris Poland
Scott Ian
K.K. Downing & Glenn Tipton
Alex Scolnick
Kerry King & Jeff Hannenman
Kirk Hammett
"Fast" Eddie Clarke
Who'd be the metal bass guitarist?
Cliff Burton
Steve Harris
Rex Brown
Greg Christian
Dave Ellefson
Bob Daisley
Geezer Butler
Tom Araya
Robert Trujuillo
Who would you select as the drummer? (I think we all know who.)
Dave Lombardo
Lars Ulrich
Vinnie Paul Abbot
Nick Menza
Clive Burr
Nicko McBrain
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor
Lee Kerslake
This poll was created on 2007-06-21 00:34:01 by ROCKERsRAGE