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Should Bhutan move ahead for a Democratic System of Govt.?

IN 2008, Bhutan will be a Democratic country. Till date, under the leadership of the Wangchuck Dynasty, Bhutan has seen remarkble changes. Would that change?
IS Bhutan ready for Democracy?
Yes, Bhutan is absolutly ready.
No, Bhutan is best left as before.
Can secularization of Bhutan threaten Bhuddism?
YES, it seems to be a great threat.
Somewhat, it may or may not.
NO, it is and never will be a threat.
It depends on the population.
It depends on 'God'
Though the idea of a unifed currency 'Sasia' for South Asia(Like the European 'Euro'is just nothing but an idea, if it came into effect, should Bhutan go for it?
YES (FOR) -Ing
I don't know.- Ma-shee
This poll was created on 2006-12-23 09:20:21 by KHT KLT CSI